Welcome to the Friends of Phorms, the Förderverein of Phorms Schools Munich e.V.!

Friends of Phorms is a non-profit organisation founded in August 2009 by families involved in the school.

Friends of Phorms has three goals:

Support for pupils in financial difficulty

Student of the year award for high academic and social skills

Support for special purchases

Our goal is to equip our children’s school in the best possible way.

In doing so, we promote both an excellent learning environment and the children’s ability to figure out the best learning method for themselves.

To achieve these goals, we need your support!

Become a member

By joining Friends of Phorms, you are choosing to actively participate and show commitment to our school.

You are invited to the membership meetings and can help to implement the goals of Friends of Phorms and thus also to promote the school and your child in the best possible way.

Please donate

With your financial support, you ensure that we achieve our three goals.

Above all, the scholarship program requires sufficient financial resources to enable long-term support for the scholarship holders.

Every contribution is welcome and together we can fulfill hopes and dreams!