Facts and figures

Who we are:

Friends of Phorms is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by dedicated parents of the Phorms Campus Munich.

What we do:

We support students of the Phorms School in Munich in the event of financial difficulties: from the
subsidization of excursions and school trips, to scholarships covering school fees and additional
Additionally, we award the Student of the Year Award to students showing outstanding academic and
social achievements for the school.
In the past, Friends of Phorms has also participated in the acquisition of special equipment for the
school (including the attic and the library).

How we are financed:

We are a registered association with currently 39 members and charge a small membership fee of 20 euros annually. Therefore we depend mainly on donations.
The association receives parts of the income from school events (summer party and Christmas
market) and also organizes events itself, in order to draw attention to the association and to generate

Who makes the decisions:

The board of the association consists of 5 members, with the Principal of the school established as a permanent member by statute. The board is elected every three years. Any member can be
elected to the board. All decisions are taken by majority, usually unanimously.
The use of contributions and donations is audited annually by a firm of Accountants.

How we help:

A request for support can be made anytime and informally to the association. Every request will be treated confidentially. Currently, we are increasingly receiving requests for short-term financial support for excursions (high school and elementary school).

(50% of the school costs plus expenses for material, uniform and school trip)

Travel & excursion costs
(50 – 100% of travel costs are covered)

Individual donors

Partial revenue from Christmas market and summer party

25.000 - 30.000 €

per school

By joining or donating to Friends of Phorms you are contributing directly to children at our school!

We are grateful for every contribution!

Friends of Phorms | IBAN: DE67 7002 0270 0659 5538 30 | Donations to the Förderverein are fully tax deductible